Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Royal Window Treatment

My July window for The My Aunt Debbie shop was installed tonight!
I loved how it turned out- it's all decked with my refashioned party dress (sporting a torquise blue British Wensleydale wool corsage) and flanked by my two flowery orbs (made from cracked corn feed bags.)

All the ribbons came my way over the last couple months. Many of them were ones that Mimi and I had picked out in the back room of Mommalicious. The cracked corn feed bags were from Freecycle, and the base of the window is made from more feed bags, and bubblewrap (which I use to felt with.)

I'm sure Betty my backyard neighbor was wondering what was hanging from my tree yesterday. And admittedly, I was up to 2am last night making the ribbon streamers and the bubblewrap/feed bag floor decoration in my studio. But it made the install a breeze this evening and Debbie was a great help to me.

after two years of only felting British Wensleydale combed tops, it made me happy to adorn a cocktail dress using this special British wool. Designing the window allowed me the chance to again show that you can wear British Wensleydale wool not only all year, and as an accessory, but even in a formal way. I love that this is a handmade thrift dress too:)
I named the dress, "A Royal Cocktail."

Originally, the dress was basic black and white satin. I used the ribbon from the found stash, and mother of pearl buttons (from my own stash) to customize it.

The wool corsage detaches, you can wear it to Royal celebrations:)

i made this ribbon fascinator to coordinate with the dress. It's backed by a thin Clip Paris barrette, and fits even the lightest hair.

i ran out to the shop with the kids tonight to take pictures in the dark...and Alicia had the same idea to photograph her brilliant Mommalicious July Cookout window.

we think the two windows compliment each other...different aspects of a festive summer:)

night shot outside of shops of my red shoe, and Alicia in skirt. by Max.

I had kept the window a surprise from Max until tonight (Mimi, Debbie and I did the install while Max was at camp). When he saw the window, he jumped out of the car, and said, "OH Mom, It's SO cool!" He watched me make everything over the last few weeks.

Night Night dress. Night Night flowery orbs. Enjoy your July in downtown Lancaster:)
I think you're Royally ready for First Friday and the Fourth of July!
(and yes, that's a fabulously knitted pole.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning at Market.

family morning at Central Market downtown Lancaster...
flowers in bloom.

Ben Dimitris (fellow preschool co-oper!) and his families gorgeous new stand at Market...

Natural Pet Treats:)

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Music for all.

Strawberry girl. The Ride Home.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Saturday Night. Age Five.

Saturday night after the family reunion we drove five minutes away from the lake and visited the house of my Aunt and Uncle. I have been enchanted by their house and garden since I was Max's age- and it's even more inspiring to me now 30+ years later.
With it's lush, towering trees, winding paths, ponds, my Aunt's stone masonry skills, and both of their gardening's so much fun to see Max enjoy visiting too. (check out this post from little Max's visit where we had a similar visit in June of 2009.)
their outdoor summer house with fireplace and log table has always amazed me. We saw bear tracks in the driveway this time and Max ran around seeing what he could find with his bug catcher (he's fresh from a naturalist class!).
My Aunt and Uncle treated us to a lovely dinner, and I got some ideas to take back home. (I've been cleaning since I got home, Aunt Kathy's house is so cool and tidy inside- I'm on a mission now:)!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother and Child ReUnion.

The kids and I jumped in my Mom and Dad's SUV Saturday morning and headed 3 hours west to Lake Quemahoning near Johnstown, Pennsylvania for our annual family reunion weekend.
We enjoyed being with my Mom and Dad, and visiting all the aunties and cousins.
Cousin Dennis showed me the truck he bought off me twenty years ago, and is still driving! my old Chevy S10. We ate pierogies and played games, and kissed and hug everyone.
It felt so good to get away! And play in a lake! you can't beat that:)

Mimi let all the women hold her, and was so worn out today, she slept the whole way home!

we had lots more cool kid adventures at my Aunt's house later that night (including finding bear tracks!)...and even stayed at a hotel, without Dad! -who stayed home to work:(
More blog pics tomorrow...
I go to sleep knowing for sure that I have the best little travel'in kids around:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

L is for LAMB who frolics all day

Today my blog reached 9,000 all time page views. I don't know what's happened over the last few months, but my readership is way way up. Thank you to everyone around the world who reads my posts.
A great article came out today about Izzy Lane in "Why my sheep will never go out of fashion."
You can read the full article here.
A mention of Isobel Davies in Marie Claire UK and her work saving sheep and creating a fashion label, inspired me to begin felting only British wool two years ago in June of 2009. I've been obsessed with Wensleydale wool ever since.
It's amazing how many steps need to take place to create a garment made from wool. and it's telling to realize how severely the wool trades have dwindled in England. I recently read this book to the kids. It really illustrates the different skill sets needed to produce wool clothing. and reminds you how very special wool is. Lambs may frolic all day, but it's really a labor of love for humans to create wool clothing. It takes careful, thoughtful work, and the same steps have been repeated for centuries.

I don't want to take Mimi out of this t-shirt. I think it's sized for like a two year old- and I'm afraid to get stains on it because I want Mimi to wear in it until she's two. You can't blame me! My own sweet little lamb!