Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Amish Target

Today, we went to Target. and our Target fascinates me because it backs up against an actual Amish farm. In fact, next to the store is the tourist attraction, "The Amish Farm and House."
Does YOUR Target have buggy parking? Oh, ours does.

Horse says, "apparently, we live next to a large retailer Earl." As my mother in law says, "I actually had to drive by when they were digging up the gorgeous Amish farmland to build it. All this rich rich soil, it was so horrendous."

Here we have part of the Amish Farm and House tourist attraction to the left. and Target on the right. Just a hop skip and a jump. The juxtaposition is unreal. it's so weird. all this pavement and huge retailerness, and behind it all. Corn. (Also, next to the Amish Farm on the left hand side is a small strip mall with a Cici's all you can eat pizza place, and a Starbucks. "Honey, I'm done eating. Why don't I take the kids over there and see the cute Amish horse? Get me a latte on your way out."

oh No You Didn't! Oh yes I did. Amish ladies in Target. I had too! for sociology reasons! (Note: they parked in buggy parking.)

Mimi in the baby hair accessories department. Relaxing in her seat cover. Just dreaming until she gets more hair.

as I was looking at nice ladylike hand soap, Mimi was jabbering about something. Turns out it was the Dora Soap. so much for getting the pomegranate selection.

relaxing with a little organic baby food strawberry treat.

Have a nice day. It's hot here. Maybe that's why the Amish women saved the Target run for morning too. best time to hitch up the horses and Tarjay it. xx

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home On the Range

We are taking it easy this week, and while Max napped, Mimi and I had a girls Fashion Movie time together. The latest movie was "The Devil Wears Prada." I'm enjoying my little girl buddy.

Mimi, 15 pounds 11 oz.
Mimi had her nine month checkup on Tuesday morning, the day after Max's operation. She has slipped to the 3rd percentile in weight, and 20th percentile for height. She has gained less than 2lbs in 3 months. I felt so defeated when the dr. said this. I was so tired from Max's ordeal the day before, that after I heard this news my head hung low as I walked her home from the office. the dr just wants to keep an eye on her for now, but I'm having flashbacks to last summer and our intense ultrasound appts with the Fetal Medicine group. (she is such a little alert and strong baby, I really think if anything, it's just a growth issue.)
I nurse Mimi on demand, and she eats baby foods like crazy (3-5 jars/day + our own fresh fruits and cheerios, noodles, brown rice, waffles etc). It takes me half an hour to feed her each meal, which I've diligently done since she was 6 months old. Max is not the best eater, so I've introduced her to the exact array of foods that are recommended.
I think she may have a dairy allergy, so we've avoided dairy until we get that checked next week. My sister suggested that maybe she can't metabolize my milk if I have dairy and it ends up in my milk supply. In the meantime, I am carrying her everywhere to give her as much love as I can. I carried her shopping. she loved all the kisses she got as we traveled down the aisles. i think in this picture she's actually more zoning out snuggly than weirded out!

In other news, our little park is getting a new play structure. Max cannot wait til it's finished, which should be in a day or two. There is a terribly high slide there from like 1952, which scares me to death. I have a joke that I'm going to list it on Freecycle! "Large Slide. Must dismantle during night hours. Bring men and a large truck."
So I hope that the kids gravitate to this new playground equipment with it's wide lower slide and safety railings.
Later on Tuesday, I walked Max slowly to the park (we had just watched Harriot the Spy and were sneaking into the park to spy on the workmen). Max took off running once he saw this set. He tripped over their safety netting that was on the ground and fell and skinned up his legs and hand. He said walking back that he wished we were at the house already:(

Yesterday with a fever, he asked for nothing. no toys, not to go anywhere, and nothing to eat. but later I dragged him to the store, and bought some drinks, and bath soap, and a big new lovely pack of crayons which he carried home in his seat.
exhausted, poor guy:( now with kind of sunken post surgery eyes.

We picked our first tomatoes of the season from our city pickers garden...that we keep on the back porch next to the back door. I'm pulling out tomato recipes now, because there are more ripening...!

I brought the dollhouse up from downstairs. the kids are so sweet together playing with it. We got a full set of furniture and a complete family from our friends from Shreiber Pediatric. Thank you Carter and Owen!!!

I'm glad that I can be home to take care of these cuties. I am still working for Debbie Serdy of the My Aunt Debbie Shop at 310 North Queen Street, I am happy I can do her artist vendor paperwork from home. This week was all about family, and we're starting to think of the beginning of school too, buying uniform shirts today!
I am super excited for autumn and some new wool developments that are underway. (there's been some secret felting work happening here.)
Last but not least I leave you with a random picture of our backdoor coat hook...I did photograph other eclectic areas to keep it real for you, but the pics just looked like clutter piles. So this will have to suffice (my work apron full of paint, Max's bug catcher, etc.) You didn't want to see all the weird jumbled up baby toys, spoons, and various lip glosses on my end table anyway. xx

Monday, July 25, 2011

Doctooor Max

Max had a few months of ear infections this spring. After too long with fevers, and a several trips to the doctor we ended up seeing an ENT in Reading who recommended Max have his adnoids removed and tubes put in his ears. I have tried not to think too much about the surgery, in case I might over think it, and worry too much. I decided to look forward to it being over and Max having a much less chance of having lingering ear infections in kindergarten and the early grades. So today was the day and we all got through it. Even leaving the house at 5:45am! Look at my champ! Pre-surgery!

sporting his free anti-slip, grip slippers! "you can KEEP these!"
He kept spinning in the nurses chair saying, "I'm Doctor Max! Doctoooor Max!"

but can you see the anxiousness on the other side of the room?

the most tender pic of the day. Mimi loving Max before he heads into surgery

He did very well, but managed to get sick a few times after wards and extend his stay a couple hours. (he required a few more beverages than average. Ginger ale. Apple. Sprite. and some observation)
Max talking to Daddy about his new Star Wars Lego figures.

All done!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art from another time for sale

I have the following pieces of art reduced for sale, from my old days of painting locally salvaged cabinet doors and selling them on the streets of Lancaster. If you are interested in any of these pieces (and believe my bare walls, these are the last of the last!), please contact me at for Paypal payment arrangements. I can deliver locally in Lancaster, and ship worldwide. Shipping is extra.

Carnival Night Duke Street door panel piece (with raised bits!) $65

Pink Mexican door panel. Ready to hang on your wall. $65

Our Lady of Guadalupe Ready to hang salvaged door/mixed media piece $45

Salvaged cabinet door/potrack/stair spindle table. As seen in 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse by Quarry Books, 2009. $120.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog Days of Midsummer

We've entered that unique time of year when suddenly it is midsummer. What you've spent the summer doing so far is clear as day (so far we've done a family reunion weekend, a store window, every library free activity possible, parks, and playing in the yard.) What's to come soon for fall and what's left of summer, always leaves me in a kind of anxiety/panic haze. We're in that phase right now.

I have some amazing things cooking on the stove, so to speak, but I think that just makes my midsummer seem more STILL, at this exact moment anyway.
Each day Max asks, "what are we gonna do today?" and I run through the park/library/sprinkler/therapy line up.
This week we are babysitting Mattie, the English Setter. our beloved family dog. we're always excited to have Mattie stay with us. I am 38 and have had an English Setter in my life for the last 30+ years. (Archie, Susan, Buddy, Mattie) Max is talking about getting his own dog. Is the English Setter Rescue League in our future?

Mimi's dreams for the future include lots of time with animals. Obsessed with them, that's the name of the game. Her and 10 year old Mattie get along great. He lies down next to her, and then immediately gets a blank worried look in his eyes. Hee hee. And he puts up with her. And she's sort of learned not to tug the heck out of his eyelid. Progress.

Here's the gang at Borders for Sprout Camp yesterday. It's possible to be tired of bookshops and libraries. We've gotten to that point I'm afraid. And I have a strong desire to pack up the car and go somewhere. if only for a little while. I do have an idea where we would go, I'll have to check out the particulars.

Max and his paper bag maraca craft. This summer needs a shake up. What do you think?!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Chi for Me and a Couple of Hot Shops

We'd like to officially announce that our feng shui has been improved. In a matter of an hour or two, we removed 59 years of grime and moss from the front of our little house. I powerwashed the stone front with my neighbor Joe- King of Power Tools. (Neighbor of the Year Joe- he plows our driveway and several other neighbors, with his snow blower and casually mows our yard too, with his riding lawn mower!).
Our House is Clean!!! (I've also removed some overgrown shrubs that were dying in the front, and I've planted assorted wildflowers- cast your vote on if they'll take!)

and I made new pieces for Mimi's Sweet Mimi French line.
Here's the new Mimi action...

they were delivered to the My Aunt Debbie shop today..

while I was there...I just HAD to take a few pics...good arty/mental stimulation for a mom at home artist.
Blue Flower Necklace by A Little Sparkle and Crystal Pendants by Norma Kooi on the My Aunt Debbie side of the shop. Kerry of A Little Sparkle is a wonderful local jewelry artist who is always so nice to talk to at local events. and I am always drawn to Norma's bright whimsical pieces. she likes color, like me.

I checked out Alicia's Mommalicious magic...

i think i need more soap. yesterday I took 2 showers and a bath! (and due to the power of the powerwasher- I also took 3 Tylenol.)

I'll leave you with the hat collection.

Mimi is licking a lollipop as I write this. I think it's in her hair.
Hope you're staying cool! XO

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heat Wave

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but we're in full swing summer mode and in the middle of a heat wave. Looking at Max's calendar, it seems like we're going to the library a lot. We have a gorgeous new library here and they have so many neat and free classes for kids. I'm coming home with movies for late night Mommy time (ahhhh), french cd's, kids music and books for everyone.

We're buying lots of fruit and vegetables (and growing tomatoes!), and running in and out of air conditioning. Of course I still had to rip out some bushes from my yard (which seems to be my summertime heat wave activity of choice)- but it's at this time that I get my best ideas. Here's some pics of stuff. General what we've been doing stuff... like...

stuck inside with a library copy of The September Issue!

watching garden bunnies!

doesn't everyones night table look like this? (Max= Way into Legos!)

a warm and hazy evening on Chestnut Street Lancaster...

h is for hot...

Y is for Yum:)

B is for brother!

and Evenings at the Park...

that's it for now...stay cool:)