Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good morning March

Hi everyone, and thank goodness March is here, bringing us that much closer to spring! I am trying to embrace the last days of winter...with new boots, enjoying company, playing games, and felting like crazy every day.

I have decided to become my own apprentice...studying my techniques to see what changes I can make to be a better felt maker. My pieces are becoming easier to make because of this, my arms are less tired, and with some new procedures in place, I can felt AND play with Max more... my pieces are more shimmering, more organic.

I know that spring is upon us, but this winter has been so snowy and cold, it's hard to imagine that the grass will be green soon, and we'll have warm evenings and sunny hot days.

After much thinking over which shows to apply for, I decided on just one so far. The FROM Scratch INDIEpendent handmade market on May 1 in Allentown. It looks just my speed, and at this type of Indie event, I always make new friends. I'm looking forward to that.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and hanging in there. The flowers are blooming here at my house in Lancaster, and I'm looking forward to wonderful moments as the year continues.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

(me on our street wearing my hat of the season. A JCrew woolie sweater I turned into a hat. I sewed on "off" pieces of my Wensleydale wool felt to create the flowers and petals.) I wear it ALL the time as I've become really fond of the baby blue and red color combination.)
Not since my childhood in Massachusetts (and I'm sure my babyhood in Fairbanks, Alaska!) have I seen this much snow. We've been enjoying ourselves...eating lots of yummy meals (including blackened tilapia/blackened chicken with cajun yogurt sauce sandwiches, yogurt and fresh strawberry/mango/banana smoothies, salads, hot buttery croissants, vegetarian lasagna)... playing Candy Land, working on kids crafts and felting.

I started my spring show inventory, here's a pic of the little mini clips in progress, (the satiny sheen of the Wensleydale floors me)....still narrowing down which shows I'll do (half of me wants to stay in Lancaster and just be available for downtown events, another part of me wants to make mini holidays out of craft shows farther away)...I'm dreaming of the weather freedom! of spring and am actually having real daydreams of the green grass in my yard, and evening walks at 8:45pm, followed by ice cream!

As I washed the dishes, or rinsed my felt, this is the view I saw out of my kitchen window!

and here's my big boy, being a big help and bonding with the neighborhood guys. Snow like this really does bring people together:)

We just made smoothies again and played Just Dance on Wii, so night night all and stay warm wherever you are!