Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International Fashion Girls.

Mimi and Max got a little visit today from Simone and her sister Lelle. Simone was (also) a German au pair in my au pair group a few years ago.

I was excited to meet her sister Lelle, who Max said was a "Fashion Girl." My
au pairs always get some sort of Wensleydale accessory when they visit me. (It's been my little way of getting British Wensleydale all over the world:-))
Today the Sterzik sisters, (who swam with dolphins in Miami just a few days ago!) got headbands all wrapped up.

I really love it when my au pair girls come back to the USA for a visit and stop by to see me again. They are all so sweet.(And often times, they bring me CHOCOLATE!)

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Simone said...

Maggie! :) I did not even see that you put that on till Lena showed me today! :) So cute! Miss you!