Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother and Child ReUnion.

The kids and I jumped in my Mom and Dad's SUV Saturday morning and headed 3 hours west to Lake Quemahoning near Johnstown, Pennsylvania for our annual family reunion weekend.
We enjoyed being with my Mom and Dad, and visiting all the aunties and cousins.
Cousin Dennis showed me the truck he bought off me twenty years ago, and is still driving! my old Chevy S10. We ate pierogies and played games, and kissed and hug everyone.
It felt so good to get away! And play in a lake! you can't beat that:)

Mimi let all the women hold her, and was so worn out today, she slept the whole way home!

we had lots more cool kid adventures at my Aunt's house later that night (including finding bear tracks!)...and even stayed at a hotel, without Dad! -who stayed home to work:(
More blog pics tomorrow...
I go to sleep knowing for sure that I have the best little travel'in kids around:)

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