Friday, June 25, 2010

June Buds

sweet play dates this summer, a busier boy...coloring, painting, cutting, chalking, swimming, talking, swinging, eating, singing, tea partying, reading, movie going, biking Max:-)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crafts in the Park

Last weekend, I vended at Crafts in the Park in nearby Lititz, showing my new summertime hair things and pins made from British Wensleydale wool. It was the largest show I've done, with so many vendors set up amongst the trees. I borrowed a tent from my friend Jody, and my family helped me set up, and even took me to breakfast (sit down restaurant- how luxurious!) after getting my booth ready.

I just had to create a new sign for summer, reflective of the color of things cooking up in my kitchen studio. Using the rest of the felt, I made the banner. It's put together with glue! and it lasted! couldn't believe it. I reused my store display for the Lancaster Yarn Shop - the shutter with little torquise shutters on the sides, the top of my pot rack table (seen in the book, "1000 Ideas for Creative ReUse" published 2009) became my upper tabletop display, and the little magnet house I created for the Square One Coffee Indie Arts show turned into a brooch holder. I loved how everything came together and reunited at least a little of my old painting with my new accessories.

Here's my little famous hair clips, bigger now and all dolled up with felty balls in the centers, some with beads.

As my tradition now before shows, I went around the park looking for my favorite vendors- selling the things I think are coolest. I easily spotted the booth of Michelle McGinn from across the way, and fell in love with her wood paintings, all hung on a vintage door. Everything was in similar colors to my would have been fun to be set up closer together.

I ended up taking home a precious painting of hers, a mother bird feeding her two babies.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

SWOON! A new headband Monsoon!

I can't believe it's much has been going on here, and the time is flying. I finished a month of freelance work for my old company, working while Max was still in school.
Now he's out and I'm done, but I realized that I have the Lititz Craft Show coming up on Saturday June 12. It's been very busy for me personally on the home front(stop by my booth and you'll see why!)...and so this past week I dived into some new pieces.
I am so happy with these new headbands, and having so much fun with them. But like always, I just get arty and obsessed and can't stop cooking them up.
I've been back and forth to Flying Fibers this week, buying my Wensleydale wool and other bits and pieces.
Low and behold I've already sold one...and just hours after it was purchased, it went off to a wedding paired with...

this gorgeous dress from Monsoon! (photos by Irina Lawrence)
Yes, yes, it's true. This sweet girl here in Pennsylvania just combined my 100% British Wensleydale wool headband with her own fantastic dress from the British retailer! Naturally:-) It makes me want to swoon!

Get your bold headband fix next Saturday in Lititz Springs Park. See you then! XO