Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Saturday Night. Age Five.

Saturday night after the family reunion we drove five minutes away from the lake and visited the house of my Aunt and Uncle. I have been enchanted by their house and garden since I was Max's age- and it's even more inspiring to me now 30+ years later.
With it's lush, towering trees, winding paths, ponds, my Aunt's stone masonry skills, and both of their gardening's so much fun to see Max enjoy visiting too. (check out this post from little Max's visit where we had a similar visit in June of 2009.)
their outdoor summer house with fireplace and log table has always amazed me. We saw bear tracks in the driveway this time and Max ran around seeing what he could find with his bug catcher (he's fresh from a naturalist class!).
My Aunt and Uncle treated us to a lovely dinner, and I got some ideas to take back home. (I've been cleaning since I got home, Aunt Kathy's house is so cool and tidy inside- I'm on a mission now:)!)

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