Wednesday, June 22, 2011

L is for LAMB who frolics all day

Today my blog reached 9,000 all time page views. I don't know what's happened over the last few months, but my readership is way way up. Thank you to everyone around the world who reads my posts.
A great article came out today about Izzy Lane in "Why my sheep will never go out of fashion."
You can read the full article here.
A mention of Isobel Davies in Marie Claire UK and her work saving sheep and creating a fashion label, inspired me to begin felting only British wool two years ago in June of 2009. I've been obsessed with Wensleydale wool ever since.
It's amazing how many steps need to take place to create a garment made from wool. and it's telling to realize how severely the wool trades have dwindled in England. I recently read this book to the kids. It really illustrates the different skill sets needed to produce wool clothing. and reminds you how very special wool is. Lambs may frolic all day, but it's really a labor of love for humans to create wool clothing. It takes careful, thoughtful work, and the same steps have been repeated for centuries.

I don't want to take Mimi out of this t-shirt. I think it's sized for like a two year old- and I'm afraid to get stains on it because I want Mimi to wear in it until she's two. You can't blame me! My own sweet little lamb!

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