Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Studio Space

This weekend I painted my studio white. I need one of those magic organizer people to come in and organize the best bits finished pieces and pieces ready to be made into something. Pieces saved for bigger shows, and containers I use to save things for shop restocking.

but anyway, here it is. You don't need much as a felter. Water. Wool. Soap. A Spray Bottle. Bubble Wrap. A Table. A nearby Sink. A Dryer. Maybe. and string and a needle if you want to stitch your pieces into something.

I have a crock pot for dying, and wool felt sheets in my studio for Mimi's line, and for adding my labels too, when I use them.

I have mailing materials. and bits of this and that.

the floor is actually perfect, i don't mind dripping water on it. and down here...i'm 15 steps from my dryer.

Sometimes I think I could be like a traveling felt road show and everything i need would fit in a small bag. I have an idea to felt in romantic places this summer and photograph it. Like in a barn!

The temperature is much cooler in my lower level than in my kitchen where you'll often find me felting on a vintage pink table previously owned by my Grandma's neighbor. (we're in a heat wave right now in Pennsylvania. on my back porch it's been close to 100 degrees for days). So me and the kids have been enjoying working down here . And I thought it might be interesting to show you. XX

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