Monday, February 21, 2011

Icing on the Cupcake: The "I Love My Artists Party!" at My Aunt Debbie

The sign outside the Mommalicious and My Aunt Debbie Shop may have said Closed last night, but there was a party going on inside! (and my red British Wensleydale flowers in the window:)!

Debbie, who has welcomed local artists into her shop as consignment vendors, showed her appreciation by hosting this party. It allowed all of us (in an impressive collection of leg wear!) to finally put names and Etsy shop names to faces.

Everyone introduced themselves and showed off their work.

above, Bethany and DJ, and Rachelle Vriend below...

Katie, and everyone...


Mimi who i carried throughout the party (except for this quick diaper change)...

Cori of Fybster...

and of course a party isn't complete without an Indie gift exchange...Yankee Swap style...yes, there was a lot of coveting, and a little swapping:)
Liz Guers of Oh Talking Bird, got an amazing bird necklace by DJ.

and Emily Truman of This 'Ol Thing got a happy My Aunt Debbie scarf. here she is with Cori, Lindsay, and Rachelle.

Last but not least, I thought I'd enclose this little clip of Debbie and the group (so you can pretend you are right there in the party action too.)
We are all grateful to her for giving us a great shop to sell our work in. With Debbie sending weekly updated inventories and checks, combined with her artistic enthusiasm and unwavering support- I think we'd all admit that this party was really, icing on the cupcake! Thank you Debbie!
(to hear the video, you can pause my lovely playlist selection by strolling to the bottom of my blog:) )

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning about wholesale shows...

I'm spending some time lately learning from a mentor about wholesale shows. Tonight I am listening to a great seminar on Demystifying Wholesale for artists by Click on my link, and you can listen to it as well.

I came across these images from the January "Accessories The Show" in New York. I have to say, coming from the Indie craft scene...I'm in awe over the whole magnitude of buyers and each booth setup. I'll have to learn more about this, and figure out when I'm ready to go this route. It looks very exciting to me. As I sit here in my yoga pants with my baby asleep sucking her thumb!

I'll go to sleep tonight thinking about how I would display my things.

My mentor had mentioned I need a chair for my buyers. My eyes got big when I saw this booth. I'm imagining carrying in that lovely ottoman myself. Somehow I don't think that would fit in the back of my Toyota!

I would love to have a few wholesale accounts, to keep me busier this year. Regarding doing a wholesale show, I have some learning to do. But I wanted to post these photos on my blog so that I can aspire to be in a great show like this.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweeter than candy...Our Valentine Weekend....

Sweet little Raspberry Tart here, weighed 12lbs 6oz this week at her 4 month weigh-in. She's working really well with her hands, has started to suck her thumb, and likes John Denver. (!)

Grandma and Pop took Max sledding after we saw the Justin Bieber movie. He ran into Pop's tree, and then politely went in search of him, to apologize!

We helped to host a preschool babysitting night fundraiser at the Cooperative Preschool. It was crazy, but fun too. I think the kids all will sleep well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Got Valentines covered?

My Valentine Brooches make the sweetest gift. Call The My Aunt Debbie Shop, at 310 North Queen Lancaster to reserve your brooch! 299-0827
The Shop is Open today, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, February 14.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February News from Mommalicious and My Aunt Debbie

Maggie French Accessories was featured in the Mommalicious and My Aunt Debbie newsletter this month... thank you Alicia and Debbie, and thank you for selling my flowers in your shop!

News From My Aunt Debbie
....Love is in Bloom....Love is in Bloom....Love is in Bloom....

Signs of love are showing up all over the shop this month. From my shop window theme, to the heart inspired jewelry from Pink Andie, Kate Mikusko, and My Aunt Debbie, and to the lush hand felted blooms pictured here by local designer, Maggie French. Maggie uses British Wensleydale wool in her hair clips and brooches. The colors are vibrant and the wool is incredibly soft and touchable. Her color palette created especially for St. Valentine's Day will be available for a limited time only. If you click on the picture of Maggie's flowers, it will take you to her blog, Sweet Maggie May. Here you can follow her adventure of combining entrepreneurship and being a brand new mommy!

So long as we love we serve;
So long as we are loved by others,
I would almost say that we are indispensable;
And no one is useless while they have a friend.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Check out their updated website, new blog and more shop photos at!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Red Rose City -First Friday February 2011

My red British Wensleydale wool felt flower brooches (hand felted by me in Lancaster, Pa) are now available for Valentines Day at the My Aunt Debbie Shop, at 310 North Queen. They are soft, light, and sculpted to look great on your winter coat, dress or jacket. they have sparkling sequin and beaded you know someone that would LOVE one...XO

Debbie created such a cool Valentine window display for the My Aunt Debbie Shop window- using branches from her own garden, and adding my flowers to the mix.

I took these photos on a walk downtown yesterday afternoon. what I captured was so poignant for a month celebrating love...the charred remains of the beloved Zap & Co. shows in the reflection of Debbie's Valentine window...the heart birdhouse rising above Zap.
Signs like this are posted in so many of the shop windows along Queen Street...

Head out on the town tonight- and celebrate First Friday. Show your love for our dear city, and the special people you can't live without...

(Valentines available at Mommalicious. 310 North Queen)