Friday, October 31, 2008

Check it out!

Thank you to Strawberry Curls, for putting one of my Our Lady's in this show! If you are in the area check out all this fantastic artwork.
How refreshing it would be to see bright beautiful artwork on a chilly November night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Lady

This is a Mary I made earlier last week, getting ready for St. Anne's- I had to make a special trip to Restore to find a door that would fit this panel. I think this door works really well, I hope I find some more.
A woman asked me about my art while I was holding the fabric up to the door.
She said, "people go for that?"
it was funny.

Pen Cups

(Halloween week and I'm thinking Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!)

These are my cool new pen cups made from:

tin cans
a gray coat
a red sweater
a white polar fleece pullover
and new trimmings

I am bugging everyone for tin cans, and rummaging through recycling bins on my street, it's rough but look how cute they are!!!!

They will be at the St. Anne's show and at
City Arts Market.

"Be proud of your composter!"

Earlier in the month, my mom and I took a free community class on composting, and with the free class you got a free Earth Machine!

Today Max and I installed it in the backyard, close to the house for easy access. He thought it was a fort and I turned around and he was inside it!

So far, I composted a tiny gourd!:-)

I like it. I like things that make you feel self-sufficient.

(the manual said that beginning composters often put the composter too far from the house, but they recommend being "proud of your composter" and putting it nearby for frequent deposits from your kitchen:-))

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute card

I ordered these from TayloredArts on Etsy. They remind me of my black chairs, and my love of red and Christmas...:-) I am going to make a Christmas chair and this will be the tag. xo

KnittyDirtyGirl teaches my nannies knitting!

A very special thank you to Rachel-Marie, for coming to my house for my October au pair meeting and teaching all my girls to knit!!! yeah!

She was super great, and very very nice to all the girls, even though they went crazy and ransacked her bag of yarn balls!

I feel like this has been such a busy week. I've been working on little crafty projects for the upcoming shows, and had to really work hard to clean the house up for this meeting. So much is going on!

I'm learning that the fall/winter is the busiest time for shows-
I need some soup and I need to go to bed! it's almost 2am!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Secret Photo for Someone....

Hi my friend, and you know who you are:-) Isn't this just a crazy coincidental photo? And I knew who they were! even weirder!!! Your grilled cheese is waiting for you. It's all buttery and cheesy and stuff. This pic is a sign from above! Come by anytime...
I am always your friend:-) xo

Monday, October 13, 2008

My first class!

With the girl scouts! what a delight they were! and I felt like I came full circle, as a former art loving kid, and a big time Girl Scout myself:-) we painted drawer fronts from ReStore, using salvaged house paints and craft paint. They loved my buttons! This photo is so similar to my Girl Scout "unit" camp's uncanny. The cool difference is that I'm like the counselor now!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Occy....

Here's a doll I made for Octavian out of one of my old handbags (the brown micro suede part), his 1st birthday is tomorrow- the party was today. Rachel-Marie's sweet son.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love FreeCycle

I think I started using FreeCycle in May? I love it!
it's crazy how much stuff we have that we don't really want, and how people in the Lancaster County Freecycle group are so giving.
It has been not only fantastic for cleaning out my house, but I've gotten some things that I would never have expected. Like a large tin barn star which are popular here- I hung it on the side of my garage. Yesterday...the Hunter baseball ceiling fan for Max's room, and over the summer Max had more shorts from Freecycle than I could fit in his dresser.
Whereas before, I would have bagged things up and dropped them at Goodwill, now I give them to real people directly! and no one pays anything for anything. how great is that!