Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shop Pics for Your Personal Enjoyment.

I'm in an annoyed fog today. It has to do with Max's school, there was lack of communication about his therapy. I realized it in one shocking feeling, and had to drop everything and get to the bottom of it before 9:15 this morning- before his dear 2nd day of Kindergarten progressed further. My first parental involvement at public school experience.
So when crisis was averted, I popped into the shop to take down my summer window display. I am the weekly bookkeeper for the vendors who sell at the My Aunt Debbie Shop. Each week I pick up my work, but today, I also needed to dismantle the window.
I sit now, with Mimi asleep on the My Brestfriend nursing pillow on my lap, organic dairy free (not too tasty) noodles on the floor, and a package on the table that needs sending-that I wrapped up with 29 yards of clear dollar store tape in my frustration.
Here are pics from My Aunt Debbie and Mommalicious (they reside together at 310 North Queen in Lancaster.)
Enjoy them, while I hope to stand up, carry Mimi to her crib, wipe up the floor, and wonder where my amazement from yesterday went....

Antler home accessories from Call Me Squirrel. A dog helps find these on hikes...with a guy named Squirrel. I've talked about them before - they are very cool.

bag by J. Almodovar.

sketches by Oh Talking Bird...

Spacey orbs by Debbie Serdy.

my dress is out of the window, going on the racks today...

headbands by Peachy Tuesday...

birdie bag from Blue Q.

That's all. Onto a better day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wind that Blew Summer Away. And the next day there was School.

Hurricane Irene, you frightened me, you made me exhausted. You made me empty furniture from my lawn and stack it in the garage, tarp the sandbox, do all the laundry, do the dishes a million times, fill containers with water. Buy extra water, buy crazy snacks. You made my summer end like some sort of bad visitor that comes and has a dramatic and tiring visit.

But you also made me look at my stuff, like the stuff on the storage side of the basement with new eyes. Like the eyes of an insurance adjuster.

You made me have something to do this week. Clean Out! Make room! Make room for easier, tidier living.

And so with a worn out yard clean up and a tour of the neighborhood, we got out first day school clothes, and packed a school lunch. and got anxiety for something else...KINDERGARTEN!!!

and it was all very very good. And like Irene, a whole lot of over thinking, over something that was destined to be just fine. He loved the structure of it all. Music class. The girl with the Bieber backpack and the girl with the ICarly lunch bag. And he loved recess.
And I loved lots of hours to do everything I planned on. And I had plenty of energy to play with him all evening. Amazing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Irene. and the Scary Big Tree.

It's quite exciting here today. With the coming of Hurricane Irene. Gallons of water sold out yesterday at our neighborhood Giant store, and the frantic scurry of last minute errands has set in too.

With winds supposed to get to 50mph tonight, I have to say, I worry about the trees. In fact they really scare me.
We have a very large Maple in our tiny front yard. Our favorite next door neighbor has a large tree too. Their tree has a crazy huge branch that looms over our driveway. Both front trees were planted by the children of our houses in the early 1950's. And my neighbor and I both enjoy our trees, so we don't want to remove them...yet.

We had two eighty foot Sweet Gum Ball trees removed from the back yard a few years ago. It cost over $2000. At that time, we had our front Maple trimmed. It offers us tremendous shade in the summer. But it has since grown even bigger, and even in the mildest wind storms we always loose branches.

I have nightmares about our tree. On May 26, a huge branch fell off our tree and blocked our front door. I wish I could recall what the wind gusts were that night.

(lovely neighbors crazy branch)

I parked my car on higher ground in a parking lot as recommended by my insurance co.:) I can see the car from our house and I left a note in the window that says, "Parked here for hurricane. Will remove on Sunday. Please call my mobile if you need car removed."
I am bracing for after midnight- when through the dark the winds will whip around our strong little house. And who knows what we'll see when the daylight arrives in the morning. see what I mean? HUGE.

and so before Matt left for a long day and night of work, we had a funny little sea-oriented lunch...why not?!

(fish shop millinery!)

ready for whatever Irene dukes out. we think. I may be up til the wee hours. Nose pressed to the window with big eyes!

here, in Lancaster, under our scary, looming- but gorgeous big Maple.
Be safe everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011