Friday, January 29, 2010

sooo cute!

I sent some samples to my childhood friend Laurie McDonagh. Laurie now has a photography studio and recently won a Best of Boston award! Here are some sweet shots that I'll use in my Etsy shop photos. Her girls are cuties, and I'm having flashbacks of hanging out with Laurie in our hometown of Pepperell, Massachusetts- walking home from school together past victorian homes on Main Street, fall leaves crunching under our feet. and singing songs upstairs while we waited for our Mom's to call us down for dinner.

(this photo above is so precious. it reminds me of the wet felting directions to, "handle your wool like a baby bird" (in particular you need to do this when you dye your wool)
In other news, we've been keeping busy this week with utilizing the last days of Matt's insurance, so dentist and eye appointments all around. Picked out some really fun new glasses- very daring of me, must say. Got my hair cut- like a little French girl, the guys haircuts are next. And Matt needs a new suit for interviews. we'll look like we've had makeovers in about a weeks time.

Now, you have to admit it. There is a group of girls and women in the world, who see a red flower for their hair, home, their VW Bug vase holder, and have to have it. This is why I make red ones, and they were the first to sell out at City Arts Market. Believe me, owner of red shoes, a red front door, and red house shutters, I understand.
Max has taken to building and playing board games all day. Our living room looks like a construction zone for kids, with block castles everywhere. Chutes and Ladders anyone? Come on in, just mind your step:-)

Now these sweeties are cute...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coming Home...

One of my unexpected pressies that came in the month of December, was the delivery of a dozen vintage photos from our property and our neighbors. My mother met a woman named Kathy who grew up in the house next to me. Her best friend Barbie lived in my house. Tomorrow night, Kathy (the little blonde) and her mother (now 90), are meeting my neighbors Misty and Joe and getting a tour of their old home. Kathy's mother told her, "I would just love to see that house again."
(the little boy David and the dark haired girl Barbie lived in my house).
Here is a block party photo taken in our back yard.

These were the original owners of our homes that were built in the early 50's and we heard wonderful stories about watching the other homes on the street being built, the planting of trees (which are now 50 and 80 feet tall), and the building of WGAL TV.
I am grateful to have heard that my home was full of fun and love, and that it was a great place to grow up. Much time was spent in my rec room by the children (which apparently is set up the same way as then) down to the board games in the built-in cabinets.
When you move into a home, you wonder about the people who lived there before. I'm glad they had a good time here.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi everyone...!

This week continued to be super busy...we've done the North Museum (rocked the new planetarium), Hand's On House, Kitchen Kettle Village, and IKEA.

Without planning it, we've been doing lots of house things too. including organizing the toys, trying to fix the garage door, adding wiring in the basement, etc.

Got some bright new flowers out to London today...they seem so bright on a day when sleet was expected. The days are getting longer, and I'm loving it.

Adios and chat soon:-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 2010: 15 days in

Today is only the 15th of January, yet the year is already busy. Each day seems to start out relatively calm, but then there's always some kind of excitement or surprise.

I promised Rand at Thistle and Clover in Brooklyn, a few of my things for the first week of January. got those out and celebrated at the coffee shop with little Max- so so cold the day we mailed them. and the shop was so warm. I'm so flattered to have my little brooches there.

I've met with the Indie girls (see previous post), had breakfast with Rachel-Marie and Occy ( had a nice long chat, and have visited Peachy Green and chatted with Rachelle.

Each day there seems to be orders in my inbox, exciting news from family or friends, or neat news from one of my retailers.

I almost forgot about how different our life is in Spring and I started dreaming about warmer days and committing myself to some local (and maybe not local?) craft shows.

So exciting, is the fact that is not just a "website coming soon" page, but a real website now. My cousin Joy of
has been so great putting this together for me. Combined with my new logo, I feel fantastic.

One evening "Coco Before Chanel" was on...I loved the scenes where's she's working in her room, supplies all about...yes, that's how it is here too. always I'm dying wool in my crock pot, or playing with Max while I sew, or packaging up a package at midnight. while the world just works around me somehow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

to Brooklyn with love...

Took care of my Wensleydale fix last week after our Lancaster Indie Art meeting (lots of wonderful handmade gifts for our Christmas exchange and lovely organic treats).
Check out the Wensleydale yarn from the Sheep Shop in Yorkshire, which I'd never bought before AND my Mom is going to knit me mittens with. (!!!)
and these lovely Wensleydale combed tops-

Made some delicate hair accessories with it (hairband and pink brooches available by contacting me) , and a trio of brooches for the fabulous boutique Thistle and Clover in Brooklyn co-founded by Rand Niederhoffer and Camilla Gale. The brooches are made from undyed natural Wensleydale wool, with bits of sparkle. They were made especially for the shop and run $18. contact (718) 855 5577 or

(yarn... soon to be mittens for moi)

see...really, truly LOVELY!

A trio of rose brooches...have now arrived at Thistle and Clover and Brooklyn. $18/each.

Hair band $30: contact me for details.