Thursday, January 10, 2013

Post Genetics...

Dear Mimi, when we took you to Hershey yesterday to see the genetic specialist, you captivated the entire "team." In fact, I think your doctor complete with bow-tie, fell in love with you. Above is a picture of you yesterday afternoon back at home in your confidently aqua new blue shirt that you wore to the visit.
There were two resident students, two genetic doctors, and two nurses. Your doctor diagnosed you as a beautiful creature who probably, in his opinion has Constitutional Short Stature. He thinks you are tiny and will watch how you grow, thinking you will be about five feet tall.
Today I felt his answer might not be completely right- or that maybe something was missed.
I felt so tired today, that I was in danger of having a stroke!
but behind the scenes of your mother, you have other people watching out for you.
The author of the Russell Silver book, Jennifer Salem, contacted me last night and asked to review your growth. She has given me instruction on how to handle the next year, and I have called the genetic office back and asked them to run a specific blood test that she recommended.
I will remember that appt fondly yesterday, your doctor walking us through the facility himself to have your hand x-rayed, and declaring multiple times that you are so beautiful! so bright! with skin so soft! and hair so silky!
cheers to you:)! Ms. Captivating:)

1/28/13 UPDATE: Hershey Genetics has decided to test Mimi for a variant form of Russell Silver Syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Great post Maggie. She is, and will continue to be, a magical creature who spreads her loving presence wherever she goes! The size of her spirit clearly cares not how tall her body will care to be. Sending love, denise

sweetmaggiemay said...

oh my gosh Denise, that what so lovely what you wrote. thank yoU!!!