Saturday, May 28, 2011

Packages from London. We met our Courier.

Today was the first time, my line and Mimi's line were together at a show.
She was such a cutie, winning the hearts of everyone, especially the Grandma's who stopped by the Open House in Manheim.

We had a lovely time and made new friends with the other vendors. Both Mimi and I have been selling our pieces in the My Aunt Debbie shop, so it was interesting to me (again) to realize that I was personally introducing people to Wensleydale wool. Both Mimi and I came home with several less pieces, so we would be up to try this again. And what a great baby, sales person, and helper she was- I think we're onto something here;)

When our show was over, we headed downtown to Opal's 5th birthday party.

Opal moved to Lancaster from London two years ago. and her house always makes me feel like I'm in England for some reason. Maybe it's the Peppa Pigs...

but I think it might be "the Kitchen" in general. The toaster, combined with the tea...combined with the choice of "still or not still" water options. The hospitality of OFFERING me tea and water options!

We had a wonderful time, but the most special bit was the fact that we finally got to meet Chris, my London "courier" who just arrived last night. Mimi took to him right away. Was it because he collects and delivers extra special London dresses to her, or just because he was so kind to her?

(Chris has a concierge who was a bit curious about the small packages arriving to his place with my name on them. And (Oh No!) Mimi's fancy dress catalogs are now arriving at his flat! And he's saving them for her!!!)

Above, Chris laughs after removing his eyeglasses, and Mimi realizes she won't be able to eat them.
I have a feeling we'll see Chris again, and in the not too distant future. Technically we've seen him twice already. He sprinted down the street after us with a big container of Fage Yogurt- now that's a friend! XX

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