Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Opal! Happy Birthday!

I met Opal in 2009 at the playground, right after she had moved here from London. She's been my little friend ever since, and hopefully one day she'll babysit Mimi:-)
Today she is five and we brought her one of my bows.

Opal was my first little girl model, and I just spent some time putting together a big present for her party Saturday...which I'll post later. I love Opal. She loves bugs and little critters and still has a (wee) bit of a London accent. Here she is in at three years old wearing my original clip flowers.

At the Fairie Festival I tied these yarn ribbons in her hair that I had put together in the car and she looked up at me and said sweetly, "Oh Maggie! How DO you make all these things?!"

We've had a busy few days with lots of things dealing with finishing cooperative preschool for Max, and by next Saturday afternoon, Max will have graduated from the Lancaster Cooperative School, and I'll have sold my British Wensleydale accessories at three events in 7 days.
We've had so much rain lately..nearly every day. So on this gorgeous day we relaxed...

and enjoyed our afternoon outside, in the very green grass...

in full color.

it's a beautiful day to be five! Happy Birthday Opal!

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