Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not Your Typical Trip to the Library.

Max and I enjoyed an afternoon downtown together yesterday ..all wrapped around a much anticipated trip to the Lancaster Library and his obsession with Super Why books.

We parked on Queen so that we could make a British Wensleydale wool flower delivery to the My Aunt Debbie shop (and get a snack on the 300 block on the way back).

salvaged sweater wool flower ring (by me) and a pink British Wensleydale flower ring.

After we walked across the street, we found ourselves in front of the former
Zap and Co. Dear God. The door was open. When I looked in, I saw sky. and ashes.

And they were filling a dumpster. And amongst it all...a vintage suitcase.

Library. Found the Super Why books! And walked back to Queen along Duke, under the shady trees, and past all the law offices in ornate old mansions.
And of course, a stop at Rachel's Creperie on the way back for drinks...

Parisian Sunset Smoothie for Max.

My little business partner outside My Aunt Debbie...and hey! British Wensleydale in the window again! (on mannequin - my pink prom choker.)

(The Super Why obsession lasted all night. Today he woke up, gathered up all the books...and ran to show them to Dad.)

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