Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Studio Time.

Hanging out in our lower level studio tonight. We've got an Open House coming up in Manheim on Saturday May 28 from 10-2. Stop in (it's at my friends house) at 2069 Robin Drive. There will be a few other vendors there as well.

Before each show I do, I lay everything out on my table in my downstairs studio. But during the day, I usually work upstairs because that's where the kids are. This is what we cooked up today while we were upstairs...

and then when it became evening, we headed down to the studio with our just-made bows and played around down there.

I'm simplifying.

These are my FAVORITES, natural Wensleydale hair bands with shimmery angelina fibers, and I can't wait to make the bows even bigger.

all the ladies will be sporting these in the autumn:-) They go with everything. Especially your best woolens.

(brother is a little scary in the full-on Darth Vadar gear from the costume area)

Mimi likes books, and Max brought this peek a boo book to her to see.

when it opened up, he looked at the "wool" belly on the sheep and he says, "is that real wool?"

Please enjoy Mimi, almost 7 months, working with British Wensleydale felt.

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