Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top Pics from Wednesday

Wednesday May 25...our last day co-oping at the Lancaster Cooperative School for Max.

Thursday is graduation. I'd be sad I think if we hadn't been working like crazy this year getting Max ready for kindergarten. We're ready! But I can't stop thinking about the wonderful people we've met at the school over the last two years- a fantastic assortment of artists, organic farmers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, green living fans, teachers, world travelers, activists, city shop keepers, Central Market stand owners, landscape architects, and folks who know what community means.
Later today I turned around at the My Aunt Debbie Shop and saw this little Lady Gaga. (and when we got home we discovered her two top teeth had arrived!

While at the shop, I checked out this crazy wooly necklace that Debbie made. The shop is rocking...

This pic of Debbie from her weekend trip with the girls made me laugh...and I loved the Mexican tunic. I noticed one of my flowers in her hair, and I loved the photo even more...til I found out that cone was a trash can!!!

...More after graduation, Lady Gaga has been keeping me up for days:-)
PS. My blog has gone crazy the last month, with over two thousand hits from all over the world. I can't really figure out "why" but I can say, "Thank YOU!!!!"

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