Friday, July 1, 2011

July First Friday Lancaster

It was a gorgeous night for First Friday Lancaster. I headed downtown with the kids and met Jo Ellen at My Aunt Debbie/Mommalicious. I have not been to First Friday in a few months, mainly because Matt has been working those times, and I wasn't sure about managing it alone. Here's Max in the Art Garden, he found another Music For All piano.

Things seemed different to me this time around. There seemed to be musicians every 30 feet, sometimes they were conflicting with each other. And there were religious things going on. I was asked something about going to heaven, and 3 blocks later if I would like to change pharmacies.(?) and half a block later yelled at about an apartment for rent or rap music upstairs or something (which drowned out the "hungry hippy" guitar player sitting next to him, and the famous blues guitar player across the street at the Donut shop.)
But it's all well and good. At least everyone has seemed to discover how great First Friday is. And I with 65 pounds worth of children, managed to get down the streets ok. (although I think i'm 2 pounds thinner. It might not have been the best night to layer my t-shirts).

Here's the front of the shops before the crowd descended. As we waited for Jo Ellen it got busy fast.

tonight as I stood parked with the stroller, I turned around and a literal sea of people were pouring over the new mosaic welcome entry behind me and into the shop. How Alicia and Debbie keep up I don't know. I've noticed that happening before on First Fridays, and the shop reminds me of like the hottest shop in a beach town or something. It's like a destination.

Here's Emily Truman of This 'Ol Thing, guest artist tonight (her pieces are always popular at My Aunt Debbie).

As the kids stayed in the back of the shop with J, I got an interesting perspective of people looking at my things in the store. So many people touched my pieces, so gently and then very nicely put them back. Then their friend would do the same thing, and then another set of girls would do it.

I couldn't help think about the Wensleydale sheep in the Yorkshire Dales who that wool belonged too, none the wiser, hanging out with their pals in the fields this very minute sorta like this pair:

We always go to Building Character. The kids look so much bigger this year than last. Last year we had a big tantrum from Max over getting a rubber duckie. This year, he said, "we'll just get one next time!" and he moved on:)

these tables were so cute, they come with coordinating chairs.

afterwards we got off the street and went down into the Creative ReUse center. It's so inspiring down there. All these donated odds and ends you can use for crafts. I feel bad, JoEllen watched the kids as I bought 25 used pencils for 10 cents that now that i'm home say such funny weird things like, "Tast-E-Meats Tast-E-Foods" and sparkling mini pom-poms.

we're home, cooled off, diaper changed, baby nursed, asleep, Dad calls, says, "so it was great?! you had fun?! it was SUCH a nice night, so you had fun?" Yes I say, my brain spinning and Max still talking my ear off.

PS. i had this discussion at Creative ReUse.
Clerk: "I love your headband."
Me: "Thanks I made it and I sell them at The My Aunt Debbie Shop." (Goodness, aren't I entrepreneurial?!)
Clerk: "Are you Maggie French?"
Me: "Yes" (...Good Lord, how does she know? what did I do?!)
Clerk: "I know, because I read your blog."
feel like you're there...


Julie Lawlor said...

Looks like a fun night! Wish I could have been there with you! We could have helped you with the 65 pounds worth of children! We need to plan a visit...

sweetmaggiemay said...

Thanks Jules, wish you were there too! totally have to figure this out- Mimi is getting so agile and Max got a lot taller!