Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Chi for Me and a Couple of Hot Shops

We'd like to officially announce that our feng shui has been improved. In a matter of an hour or two, we removed 59 years of grime and moss from the front of our little house. I powerwashed the stone front with my neighbor Joe- King of Power Tools. (Neighbor of the Year Joe- he plows our driveway and several other neighbors, with his snow blower and casually mows our yard too, with his riding lawn mower!).
Our House is Clean!!! (I've also removed some overgrown shrubs that were dying in the front, and I've planted assorted wildflowers- cast your vote on if they'll take!)

and I made new pieces for Mimi's Sweet Mimi French line.
Here's the new Mimi action...

they were delivered to the My Aunt Debbie shop today..

while I was there...I just HAD to take a few pics...good arty/mental stimulation for a mom at home artist.
Blue Flower Necklace by A Little Sparkle and Crystal Pendants by Norma Kooi on the My Aunt Debbie side of the shop. Kerry of A Little Sparkle is a wonderful local jewelry artist who is always so nice to talk to at local events. and I am always drawn to Norma's bright whimsical pieces. she likes color, like me.

I checked out Alicia's Mommalicious magic...

i think i need more soap. yesterday I took 2 showers and a bath! (and due to the power of the powerwasher- I also took 3 Tylenol.)

I'll leave you with the hat collection.

Mimi is licking a lollipop as I write this. I think it's in her hair.
Hope you're staying cool! XO

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