Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog Days of Midsummer

We've entered that unique time of year when suddenly it is midsummer. What you've spent the summer doing so far is clear as day (so far we've done a family reunion weekend, a store window, every library free activity possible, parks, and playing in the yard.) What's to come soon for fall and what's left of summer, always leaves me in a kind of anxiety/panic haze. We're in that phase right now.

I have some amazing things cooking on the stove, so to speak, but I think that just makes my midsummer seem more STILL, at this exact moment anyway.
Each day Max asks, "what are we gonna do today?" and I run through the park/library/sprinkler/therapy line up.
This week we are babysitting Mattie, the English Setter. our beloved family dog. we're always excited to have Mattie stay with us. I am 38 and have had an English Setter in my life for the last 30+ years. (Archie, Susan, Buddy, Mattie) Max is talking about getting his own dog. Is the English Setter Rescue League in our future?

Mimi's dreams for the future include lots of time with animals. Obsessed with them, that's the name of the game. Her and 10 year old Mattie get along great. He lies down next to her, and then immediately gets a blank worried look in his eyes. Hee hee. And he puts up with her. And she's sort of learned not to tug the heck out of his eyelid. Progress.

Here's the gang at Borders for Sprout Camp yesterday. It's possible to be tired of bookshops and libraries. We've gotten to that point I'm afraid. And I have a strong desire to pack up the car and go somewhere. if only for a little while. I do have an idea where we would go, I'll have to check out the particulars.

Max and his paper bag maraca craft. This summer needs a shake up. What do you think?!

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