Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home On the Range

We are taking it easy this week, and while Max napped, Mimi and I had a girls Fashion Movie time together. The latest movie was "The Devil Wears Prada." I'm enjoying my little girl buddy.

Mimi, 15 pounds 11 oz.
Mimi had her nine month checkup on Tuesday morning, the day after Max's operation. She has slipped to the 3rd percentile in weight, and 20th percentile for height. She has gained less than 2lbs in 3 months. I felt so defeated when the dr. said this. I was so tired from Max's ordeal the day before, that after I heard this news my head hung low as I walked her home from the office. the dr just wants to keep an eye on her for now, but I'm having flashbacks to last summer and our intense ultrasound appts with the Fetal Medicine group. (she is such a little alert and strong baby, I really think if anything, it's just a growth issue.)
I nurse Mimi on demand, and she eats baby foods like crazy (3-5 jars/day + our own fresh fruits and cheerios, noodles, brown rice, waffles etc). It takes me half an hour to feed her each meal, which I've diligently done since she was 6 months old. Max is not the best eater, so I've introduced her to the exact array of foods that are recommended.
I think she may have a dairy allergy, so we've avoided dairy until we get that checked next week. My sister suggested that maybe she can't metabolize my milk if I have dairy and it ends up in my milk supply. In the meantime, I am carrying her everywhere to give her as much love as I can. I carried her shopping. she loved all the kisses she got as we traveled down the aisles. i think in this picture she's actually more zoning out snuggly than weirded out!

In other news, our little park is getting a new play structure. Max cannot wait til it's finished, which should be in a day or two. There is a terribly high slide there from like 1952, which scares me to death. I have a joke that I'm going to list it on Freecycle! "Large Slide. Must dismantle during night hours. Bring men and a large truck."
So I hope that the kids gravitate to this new playground equipment with it's wide lower slide and safety railings.
Later on Tuesday, I walked Max slowly to the park (we had just watched Harriot the Spy and were sneaking into the park to spy on the workmen). Max took off running once he saw this set. He tripped over their safety netting that was on the ground and fell and skinned up his legs and hand. He said walking back that he wished we were at the house already:(

Yesterday with a fever, he asked for nothing. no toys, not to go anywhere, and nothing to eat. but later I dragged him to the store, and bought some drinks, and bath soap, and a big new lovely pack of crayons which he carried home in his seat.
exhausted, poor guy:( now with kind of sunken post surgery eyes.

We picked our first tomatoes of the season from our city pickers garden...that we keep on the back porch next to the back door. I'm pulling out tomato recipes now, because there are more ripening...!

I brought the dollhouse up from downstairs. the kids are so sweet together playing with it. We got a full set of furniture and a complete family from our friends from Shreiber Pediatric. Thank you Carter and Owen!!!

I'm glad that I can be home to take care of these cuties. I am still working for Debbie Serdy of the My Aunt Debbie Shop at 310 North Queen Street, I am happy I can do her artist vendor paperwork from home. This week was all about family, and we're starting to think of the beginning of school too, buying uniform shirts today!
I am super excited for autumn and some new wool developments that are underway. (there's been some secret felting work happening here.)
Last but not least I leave you with a random picture of our backdoor coat hook...I did photograph other eclectic areas to keep it real for you, but the pics just looked like clutter piles. So this will have to suffice (my work apron full of paint, Max's bug catcher, etc.) You didn't want to see all the weird jumbled up baby toys, spoons, and various lip glosses on my end table anyway. xx


BlueRockGourds said...

Hang in there! My little baby is headed to college in two weeks. Enjoy every minute! Wendy

sweetmaggiemay said...

thank u Wendy!!!

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