Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take Your Mimi to Work Thursdays

Beginning on the first Thursday of January this year, Mimi, not yet 3 months old started going to work with me in the studio of My Aunt Debbie. Here she is, my tiny little helper "in the beginning."

Back then, Mimi napped a lot, and nursed a lot. Now she moves around. A LOT! Usually while on my lap. She attempts to nurse, but often is suddenly distracted by the lure of buttons in tidy containers, or Mr. Muff, Debbie's cat strolling by.
Mimi alternates between sitting on my lap and watching Debbie and I work, and playing on the floor.

Usually, we head downtown during the day, and mail packages at Postman Elvin's window (also our neighbor) and then we stop in the shop on the way back to drop off my newest creations, saying hello to Alicia.
Today was extra special because after we dropped off my new necklace(!):

we got to go in the backroom of Mommalicious with Debbie and look through a bunch of fantastic ribbons and trims.

I hope Mimi carries these early arty memories with her. Especially memories of Debbie sewing dresses and saying things like, "this skirt definitely needs more pom poms."
My lucky girl, and lucky me. Thanks to Debbie:-)


My Aunt Debbie said...

you made me all teary!

sweetmaggiemay said...

we love you Debbie! XO
Meems and Maggie