Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend, DC style.

(Hey everyone...! We LEFT THE HOUSE!)

We are fresh from a wonderful Easter weekend. It was a perfect excuse to visit my Uncle Joe, take the kids away, and see a few sights. We even brought Anna-Lena with us, a former German au pair from my days as an au pair coordinator.

Our weekend began with a visit to Annapolis. Here's little Mimi asleep in Anthropologie. Our shopping trip included Anthropologie and Whole Foods. I was in heaven. it couldn't get any better than that for me.

the bakery at Whole Foods- on Good Friday. I felt like I was walking around wide eyed- the bakery was jumping. I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. But dinner was soon.

Dinner at Buddy's by the water for seafood.

Max in Annapolis after dinner. (in the rain...and all smiles)

1st metro ride! Mimi in skinny jeans from Germany from Anna-Lena, Momma in
Babette's Barrette from Anthropologie.

Max on the lawn with Daddy.

The Smithsonian dream came true! it's REAL!

Max and Amelia Earhart's gorgeous plane.

Julia Child's well stocked kitchen.

Max and the Ruby Slippers...and a cool video of the Metro station:)

We had a lovely time Easter Sunday. It was in the high eighties and Max ran around the yard finding eggs, and playing.

We topped it off with a trip to IKEA on the way home:) Here's Mimi with Anna-Lena, who was so helpful to us. I was so glad we got away for a few days. Happy Kids. Happy:-)

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