Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We dyed eggs. And Wensleydale!!! with our PAAS Egg Dye Kit!!!

So we dyed our (um...brown) eggs the other night with our PAAS Easter kit.

It felt so good to have some quality time with Max. We loved wearing our aprons and getting our fingers all messy.

Mimi was not quite sure what we were doing....

So what's a girl to do when I have a stash of felted Wensleydale pieces just sitting there in one room, in their natural state? and all these pretty cups of Easter egg dye in my kitchen? Perhaps my mind could not handle coloring eggs and not wool. I know i know...all those wool dyers are won't take...well...I had to try.

the wool took the color, but i had to drain the dark dye water, squeeze out the wool, and rinse, rinse, rinse. then i soaked the wool to make sure the color wasn't still bleeding out. these are the pieces dried. so pretty.

almost done! and so Eastery!

lots of fun...

and an unexpected new batch of colored bows! they are waiting for finishing touches!

Happy Getting Ready for Easter everyone!

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