Sunday, January 11, 2009


so these are the spring rolls that Brian's wife makes...Brian being the owner the Dogstar bookshop on Chestnut St. in Lancaster. I had them first in July for our Indie art show there. I ordered them last month for a holiday party, and this weekend- so I could eat them all weekend. They come with peanut sauce, and the spring rolls are spicy! so you can breathe really good after eating them:-). They are so full of color, I feel very healthy devouring them.

So I'm going to start including on my blog pictures from my house. I'm doing this because other bloggers do, and I LOVE seeing other people places, and how they have things, and what their house looks like. This is my dresser. The jelewry box was my Grandma's and I always loved looking at it in her room, and one day she gave it to me. A few things in this pic are from etsy artists, but at 2:05am I am too tired to list who they are made by. You probably recognize a few of the things from the pics I've posted. I don't have a lot of funky etsy things, but I wear what I have ALL the time, and basically any time I leave the house:-)

I was up til 3:30 last night painting, and making a mixed media collage, of little houses, and then I stood about 10 hours today doing the same thing. But I'm good now:-) just finishing up touches, and now I'll have some really fun things to bring to the Indie show in February at Square One Coffee, benefiting Habitat for Humanity.

I am sourly out of so many supplies, so I need 1. money, and 2. about half hour alone in AC Moore.

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Pretty_Bamboo said...

Cute Dresser and those spring rolls look so yummy!