Sunday, January 11, 2009

Houses for Habitat for Humanity

so this was the big to-do this weekend, as I worked on this and worked on this, and worked on this. It took so long! this was done on a cabinet door and it's really big and heavy. I think about 3 feet wide. I am still putting a sealer on sections of it. I have dreamed of making a large piece like this for several months but I was busy with red and black Lancaster city birds, and matching Lancaster city folk art chairs. It was really fun to work with this much color again, and incorporating more texture in my art. I am really inspired by "my favorites" from Etsy. The colors in this piece tend to be the colors I favor in other peoples art, so that was interesting for me to pin down. Also I really love felt-y cottages, and great big bright flowers and buttons, and this piece incorporates all of that. I think it would be a great piece for a kids area, or kids room.
It is made with:
cabinet door from Lancaster's Habitat for Humanity ReStore
IKEA fabric plus around eight other fabrics
2 place mats
lacey cotton trim
a coat
a sweater I felted
a cotton sweater
a polar fleece shirt
two belts
ball fringe
a pair of pants
part of a handbag
(all of the clothes are from the Lancaster Goodwill bins on Rte 30)

and here are two I made also this weekend, to get an idea what I was going to do for the big one.
these are all for the Indie girls show we are doing at Square One Coffee in Lancaster benefiting Habitat for Humanity. This is an especially neat event for me to create art for, since I use salvaged materials from the ReStore on a regular basis. half of the money we raise selling our art will go back to Habitat here in Lancaster.

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Magdalen said...

Wow! You've made so much for the show.
Be well,
Maggie M.