Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Secret New Studio Space!

My goal in the summer and fall was to take a month during these cold months and organize a studio space for myself. However, my art and new job have really kept me busy this winter. Also my plans included making my 1950's rec room more of a second living room, than romper room.

My 1950's house has a cool and surprisingly big rec room that encompasses 2/3 of my basement, the remaining 1/3 is a workshop, storage, bathroom, and laundry area.

after an hour on the "workshop" side tonight, trying to rearrange my big table and create a studio of some sort, and other things, and a frustrating attempt to try and relocate my 1950's bar from the laundry area to the workshop area (wouldn't fit past the furnace)...I gave up....and then had a cool idea!!!!

I left the bar where it was (currently serving as a folding area near my new HE washer and dryers), and I thought, "hey! what a perfect little nook for my studio!!!!" My laundry area is small, but the bar is L-shaped and situated in the corner of the area. I decided a few years ago that I'll end up in the laundry room a lot, and so I had already painted this area a sunny yellow and hung up matching curtains on the little basement windows.

The bar has a retro red linoleum top, and the inside of it has white shelving and a door which opens to shelves too. One wall that the bar is up against is brick, the other is drywall, so I've already hung up some arty things- and they weren't hard to find since I had things all over the workshop.

I can't wait to post a photo of my new 1950's bar studio on my blog, but I want to organize it some more and add some little shelves to the cinderblock wall. I also need a comfy bar stool to sit on while i work.

For two years now I've "known" that the workshop area, although dark, is probably the most practical place for me to store all my supplies. well it is, but it isn't the nicest place to work and it's still the truth.

I NEVER would have thought that working way in the back of the basement near my washer and dryer would work, but it's so tucked away and private, I just LOVE it! You could tour the house and you wouldn't know where it was, so it doesn't infringe on any one.

I am so happy to have a colorful little place to work and keep all my little things....

I guess it's like how those magazines and shows that tell people to carve out a little niche inside a closet or something, they were right.
what I find coolest about it, is how because it's small, it's easy to figure out how to organize it . I had no idea how I would turn a big storage filled workshop into an art area- this is like an instant little studio.

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