Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All clean now, thank goodness...

This weekend was so crazy. For some reason I LOVE to paint on the weekends, and on Friday. So here was the state of my kitchen when I was making the collages in my last post. I kept thinking, "Mixed Media is super Messy."
We waited and waited for our first big snow here on Saturday, but it never came. It was too messy for me to make dinner Saturday night, so we had a late one out, even though the roads were a little icy.
I felt so delirious.

I love my little creations though, and since the weekend, I came up with mini cottage magnets on little pieces of wood. They are so cute! and like little paintings. I painted a cabinet door and then added a roof, and it turned into this little house display thing for all the magnets. It took about four hours to figure out I could/should display them this way. Sometimes the creative process is embarassing, it's like, "mess up, mess up, mess up. Mess up. OH! this is cool! this is the way I should do it!"

then last night and today was gathering what I needed to package the magnets up (these will also go to the Home Sweet Home show). I needed to stop at Jo Annes fabric- but I found it was surprisingly little what I needed. Everything else I had or was salvaged. I am excited because I would like to market them to little shops, and I think the little magnets could be different themes, depending on the business.

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