Saturday, January 3, 2009

Building Character last night

Last night at Building Character was fun....I am trying not to think of the torquise antique shutters sitting on the floor in the store, perfectly distressed and everything:-)
Thanks to Tony and Marty for having me, and offering me the opportunity to have this setup in the store.
The store is open seven days a week:, if you are looking for these chairs of mine, and want to see them firsthand, check them out here. and if you are looking for architectural salvage for your building project/restaurant interior, etc, this is the place. Eight church pews from the store are "now at the foot of the Empire State Building in New York at the new Rattle and Hum Bar." Lancaster is not far from NYC, it's really worth the trip here, and there are great restaurants within walking distance from this store including Rachel's Creperie, on the same block of Queen.

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