Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Day USA, and my day in reverse

late afternoon today, Obama gets out of the car and worries the Secret Service. They all keep their coats open in the cold so they can easily access their weapons if they need to. I make calls for my new job, and every time I'm on hold, I turn the mute off and smile as I listen to the cheers from the huge crowd and the commentary.

After dropping off the knitting chair at the Lancaster Yarn Shop www.lancasteryarnshop.com, Max and I went to market and got lots of fruit, lemonade and cornbread. A cold day to be outside, and I thought of all the people outside in DC during the inaugeration.

I wake up, and while Max watched a cartoon, I photographed the knitting chair (my 17th folk art chair!), and made a little tag. Delivery to the Lancaster Yarn Shop is today. The chair will be for sale there for $185.
After breakfast, Max and I watch the inauguration. I was very moved during Aretha Franklin singing- I remembered my visit to a plantation outside of New Orleans, and I remembered how I felt like I could die on the edge of the cotton field due to the heat. I thought of all the suffering that black people have endured, and how if you had told the slaves of that plantation that a black man was going to be President in 2009, they would not have believed you.
As I listened to her beautiful and black voice, I couldn't help think that the slaves who sang would have had a similar voice, and today their day had come- and it was a better dream then they could ever had imagined.
Max marched around the living room and we practiced saluting each other. I say, "it's Obama!" and he says, "Omama?"

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Magdalen said...

I love your new chair!