Monday, January 26, 2009

I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I was 17, from northern Massachusetts. We moved to a rural area on a new suburban street. For the first year I was transfixed by the Amish, their farms, their buggies, Amish children working in their fields in the mist...Amish people at Root's market.
After a while I realized that because of their dress they all look very similar, so it's no use peering into a buggy because you already know what the people look like:-)
I have since moved right outside Lancaster city, and I don't see many Amish at all except for at the hospital or a movie or something. Yes! Amish sometimes go to movies.
Some of the area grocery stores have areas in their parking lots where you can tie up your buggy under a covered awning.
When you have to pass a buggy with your car you have to be very careful to go around the horse slowly and not startle it. There have been accidents and it's frightening.
Amish children, especially little ones are absolutely beautiful and very well behaved.
My Dad found this Amish bonnet several years ago. It is available now in my shop:

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