Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was not at all nervous about Sandy. I've learned a little more about Mimi and her lack of growth. It is appearing that she has some kind of dwarfism. It could be which she could be aided by growth hormone. But maybe it's not...I'm a bit stunned. She is so gorgeous and precious. Always the researcher, I have discovered that the Little People of America National Conference 2013 is in D.C.!
Let's see if she grows till then...and what the doctors say. My love.
Anyway, back to the storm...I tidied the house and made chili, jello, cookies, and hard cooked eggs.

I toured the outside of the house and took pictures. We've secured things. We put lots in the garage. We cleaned out the gutters - put covers on the chairs. Every neighbor around me still has their normal stuff out.
I'm feeling like anxiety Girl Scout. But then watch the news and the news reporters are SO SERIOUS. Then I get a little panic in my chest.
I am nervous about the big trees in the front yards of my house and my neighbors. I parked my car elsewhere, not in the driveway.
I have upped my typical storm plan. I now know to hide in the basement bathroom if the wind is dangerously insane (which would be super fun with two kids considering how narrow the bathroom is). I found a little sterno stove. We have a fancy radio light thing. Wondering what Max would do without Jake and Neverland Pirates, and Mimi without Peppa Pig. and no heat...that's not very nice is it?
well here we go...let's see what happens...!


Denise Nicholls said...

You sound very prepared! Send out a note when it's all over so we all know you are all safe. Sending xx

sweetmaggiemay said...

UPDATE: Thanks Denise. I feel very badly for those in NJ and NY who suffered severely from Sandy.
At the French house we will remember Sandy as:
Maggie: The weekend I exhausted myself prepping the house inside and out, and cooking the contents of our freezer. and having anxiety about the possible storm damage.
Matt (husband): I installed a unique stair cover with a tarp. At work they gave us free pizza Monday, and subs on Tuesday!
Kids: they kept watching the news and wouldn't let us watch cartoons in the living room:)

sweetmaggiemay said...

The devastation in NY and NJ is so bad. I am upset with myself for thinking I was tired preparing, or tired of the kids being inside, or tired putting all the not needed supplies away.

My family is from Johnstown, PA - and my relatives have a history of coping with their historic floods. They have been part of our "family tales" over the years. (Grandma being carried home from school by a policeman trudging through water...)We lost a family member in the 1889 flood (who was never found). The Johnstown Flood Museum really takes my breathe away and hits home. Some of the photos from Sandy remind me of the photos I've seen from Johnstown.