Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going for a Spin at the 4th Annual Fall Tweed Ride Minneapolis

I first learned about tweed rides a year ago when I stumbled upon a blog with pictures of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Fall Tweed Ride. It really was the coolest concept, and I soon found myself watching videos of tweed rides around the world. I thought this would be the perfect avenue (clever) for my pieces. I could try out new ideas, making one offs for riders, and even sponsor a ride perhaps!

This past Saturday I was able to provide the riders of that original ride I learned about, 45 Izzy Lane tweed accessories, as well as pieces for the best dressed.

It was great to meet through email Tim Navarro of Tim+Thom, twin designers and tailors who specialize in tweed designs and work out of the You and Me shop at 2114B Lyndale Ave S Mpls, MN 55405.

I put together a package for them, and off they went. An assortment of tweed accessories, made from ethical Izzy Lane British tweed.
I attached them to little cards that pictured my British bike on one side,

and a little tweedy cycle message on the other:

It was so exciting to see the images of the ride appear on Facebook. Hip folks I've never met, all sporting my pieces- paired with their lovely tweed and vintage clothing, and neat bikes.

I loved that the boys used some of the hair clips and the Honour bobby pins on their lapels (named after Original Maids of Honour cakes in Richmond, England- also where the tweed is from.)

This is my favorite photo, below - to the left the pretty girl is wearing one of my flowers, on the table is a bobby pin, and the cute girl in the hat to the right is wearing a felted bow pin made from super soft Izzy Lane sanctuary Wensleydale wool.

I love that they are all in tweed, but the mobiles are out, as they are probably checking the route and the whereabouts of fellow cyclists.
This was an evening ride, many of them are set late morning. I'm sure it was fun and extra dreamy to ride in the cool night air and stop at area establishments for some tweedy socializing.

Dave Kapell won Most Dapper and rode away with my first bow tie! And Megan McGuire(above) took the prize for Most Fetching Lass.
I would certainly love to sponsor another ride.

Thank you so much to Dave Kapell and Sveta Kovalchuk who graciously allowed me to use their photos of the ride on my blog. Check out their route from Facebook:

Today is the Day!!! Check in is 5:45 & riding out promptly at 6:15.

5:45 - 6:15
#1: MPLS ROSE GARDEN : 4124 Roseway Rd MPLS, MN 55409
**Group Photo**

6:30 -7:00
#2: THE MALT SHOP : 50th St at Bryant Ave So MPLS, MN 55419
** Most Dapper Gent (nominate & vote)**

7:20 - 7:50
#3: NORTHBOUND Smokehouse Brewpub : 2716 E 38th st. MPLS, MN 55406
**Most Fetching Lass (nominate & vote)**

8:15 - 8:45
#4: PAT"S TAP : 3510 Nicollet Ave MPLS, MN 55408
**Special: Tall Grass 8bit - $2, Helmets = $2 Hams

9:15 - 9:45
#5: DEVIL'S ADVOCATE : 89 S 10th St. MPLS, MN 55402
**Special: $3 House wine & Rail drinks

10:00 - 10:20
**Group Photo**

10:30 - 11
#7: ERTE : 323 13th Ave NE MPLS, MN 55413

11:30 - 12:00
#8: ELI'S EAST : 815 E Hennepin Ave MPLS, MN 55413

12:15 - Close
#9: GINGER HOP : 201 E Hennepin Ave MPLS, MN 55414
**Special: $5 Jamison anythings & Dance the night away!

Sponsored by YOU & ME & MUSA MN

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