Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Showtime

I left the house, and took the accessory collection on the road.
We enjoyed our day at the Schreiber Pediatric Center 1st Annual Fall Craft show on September 29. We felt right at home, as we had spent two evenings a week there last year. I was happy to support a cause close to my heart.
A picture of my table is above and here is my facebook event picture...I was in my garden in socks, as I had this clever idea to put the pieces IN my boots...but it meant for wet socks, as I had to take the boots off. Amelia Bedelia moment, but apparently lots of folks love Hunter wellies or the tweed and wool things in them as the picture got a lot of "likes".
Our days have been filled with watching Caillou and Peppa Pig. We rush Max off to school and then play dollhouse. We have a tea party and pour water all over the hardwood floor. I cook probably seven mini meals a day, and wash it all by hand - no dishwasher, just me.
We got Mimi seen at the Hershey Pediatric Endocrine doctor. He met us, and carried Mimi's own clipboard down the hall, and one of our bags, as Mimi toddled into the exam room only wearing a diaper.
He took her history asking questions like, "when did she walk? say Mama?" "who is concerned, you or her doctor?" "does she have breathing problems?" and "has she not grown in height?" He did a double take of her head and face. then stared at our heads and faces. and announced her forehead protrudes and then measured it. He said he likes her name and that she was the first Mimi he's seen all day.
He wrote out blood orders for growth hormone deficiency levels and a thyroid check and another test.
The next day, Mimi and I went to the LGH health campus and did the blood work, her screaming, with her tiny veins very hard to access.
We came home, I took a tent down that was in the basement. I tidied up my studio. Went upstairs, made dinner, fed the kids and tidied up. I put on a clean cotton shirt and welcomed the photographer from the newspaper. I held up my bows in my basement. I worked on a headband. He snapped pictures, I said thank you!
I went upstairs, changed back into my yoga pants, put on another episode of Caillou, and settled in for a snuggle.

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