Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time to Make the Headbands

There is a fresh supply of tweed on the way from the Izzy Lane offices. And Mommalicious on Queen Street Lancaster has restocked with many of my headbands this week.
So it's time to organize the existing cuts and see what I can design with the pieces I have left while I await the parcel. I need a nice long snippet to make a headband, and I must be able to cut across on the bias. I love a good challenge, being resourceful often turns out the best pieces.
Mimi decided that the offcuts would be perfect blankets for her doll, Willow. I'm a bit of a control freak with the pieces always stowing them away quickly. But she loved feeling how soft they are and tucking her baby in under them.

While we organized I hummed the tune to the Annie song:

"Cotton blankets,'Steada of wool! Empty Bellies,'Steada of full!"

As I plan to sponsor another tweed ride (!) I'm thinking historically of when wool was depended on for warmth in clothing and bedding. People were so stylish running to town for errands, and warm under their simple and tidy wool blankets at night.
It really wasn't so long ago.


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