Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thank Ewe!

My blog reached 12,000 all time page views today. thank you! This little lamb is something i painted a few years ago for the Lancaster Yarn Shop, in the heart of Amish country at Kitchen Kettle Village.

Our Saturday turned out absolutely crazy, with a transformer blowing up outside our house. It sounded like the furnace in our basement blew up. The ground shook, and the lights flashed a few times and then everything shut off, tv's, computer, lights.
Neighbors in all directions poured out onto their porches and onto the sidewalk. Because I thought the house was about to blow up, I ran the kids out onto the porch- Mimi in mid-diaper change! And me and Max in pajama pants (long story).

A very long ( and charred!) electrical wire stretched all the way across our yard and our neighbors and firemen knocked at our darkened house telling us not to go in the yard. (which of course we had done right after it happened and after we had changed into real pants and a fresh diaper).

we ended up at my Mom's and Dad's. I filled a bag for me and the kids in the dark. I am now officially a light packer! something I've aspired to for years!
(actual overnight bag for three!)

we are back home and sorting things out. many many branches from the back neighbors tree are now piled in my lawn- which were apparently chainsawed off at 4am!
Is someone coming back for them?

poor tree. now totally one sided.

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