Friday, August 5, 2011

A is for Allergies. And August.

I feel like I was in a whirlwind this week, and I'm not sure what we did. But when I look back, we did many things, I was just too busy to think about it. Here's a little peek...
Life on my back porch. Black wool dye at night!!!! I am working on my technique as I dye flower pieces.

I am getting ready for the Distelfink show at the Thomas Brendle Museum that takes place in November. It's a consignment show where I drop my things off for the weekend and come back on Monday. (NICE!). It's a lot of tagging and making of lists, so I wanted to start early.

I broke out the unopened box of business cards to use as my tags.

Mimi had allergy testing this week in Reading. We might have an answer to her slow weight gain.
Here is Mimi's back at the allergist. The first two dots are controls, the third is Peaches (they make her sneeze), Fourth is Milk. She's got a milk allergy.
I am now on a strict NO DAIRY diet. Mimi is breastfed, and so my milk cannot contain the protein found in cows milk- and it will contain it if I eat butter, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc. This means I am pretty restricted. I am interested in how Mimi will look in one month. Pray that she starts to plump up more. I feel thinner already I must admit, and I'm eyeing the pants in my closet with the smaller numbers.
The whole thing makes me feel like a vessel! A vessel of specialized milk!

For those about to get testing done, I'd recommend you bring some secret toys for your baby to play with during the wait. My Mimi hated that her back was itching and wanted to nurse while we waited to see what the shots would do. It was tricky trying to hold her without touching that part of her back. Afterwards they wiped her back off with something, and the welts went away rather quickly. She did not seem too upset when they pricked her. Just sort of agitated as they became itchy.

Here are my kids this week. I think the house looks fancier with my tin wall plates from the ORCA garage sale! My Aunt Kathy has a lot of "metal" in her house, and I found out it's great feng shui, so I'm shining it up, no holds bar! When i got them home, i saw they were Handmade in England. I think they were someone's souvenir keepsake. but that's fitting for me.

Lastly, please enjoy these photos of my porch City Pickers Garden with lots of tomatoes! I love this thing, and will absolutely use it again next year. My backyard gets very hot, and often I forget to water, killing my plants. So this thing affords the tomatoes a bit of shade from my porch awning, and frequent waterings as it's next to my back door. I'm enjoying a fresh tomato (or five!) every day!

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