Friday, August 19, 2011

26 Main Street. You can buy my childhood home.

My childhood home from age 7-17 is for sale right now. It's located in Pepperell, Massachusetts, a quaint New England town, and is one hour from Boston. I really would consider buying it, but it's out of our price range and I'm not sure about leaving all our Pennsylvania family and friends. Autumn is heavenly there, and from the house you can walk to school til you're 12. I ran through the woods, jumping over a little creek to get to middle school.

The wonderful Lawrence Library is just a few houses away. it's where I got my first library card. (I dreamily walked to the library alone at age 8. every other day!...and I rode my bike to the post office, to friend's houses, and to get pizza!)
Take a look. It's dreamy. Needs some TLC and a lot of gardening to get it back to the state of when my parent's kept it. but there's a big new bath, and a finished attic.

The old kitchen. It has a passageway of doors so the casual living room could not see the kitchen. (hee hee) And it has an enormous pantry. (The basement "boasts" a fruit cellar.)

Where we had Christmas, and Thanksgiving dinners, and the party when my Dad retired as Lt. Colonial from the US Army. Still has my mother's curtains up.

the formal living room was painted pink by the current owner. We had it white. I think I'd paint it white again. We put a second Christmas tree up in this window, and decorated it with the fancier ornaments, and candy canes, which the English Setters would lick.

I ran up and down these stairs. fell down them. and walked down them in my red Junior Prom dress.

the upstairs hall wall paper still is there. so many nooks and crannies...we didn't have the gumption to remove it either!

My sister Julie's room...

My room. But it didn't look like this. It was tidy, and light pink and I had pictures from Vogue on the wall, and from Teen Beat. when you sleep at night, the cars from the road cast light all around the room. And in the day, it's very sunny and bright.

the now finished third floor where I would escape to and look out the window so high up onto Main Street. had my puppet theatre set up here. and we had the famous Halloween party here with the bowl of peeled grape eyeballs. and my cousin slept up here for 6 months. I also used the extra furniture stored in this space to redecorate my room several times a year, lugging furniture by myself up and down the full set of stairs. and surprising my parents with my "new room!" two hours later.

this was not our bathroom. this might even be my brother's room!

a big tree fell in the last few years and crushed the back roof. so I think that's what prompted the addition of skylights, a finished attic, and a big new bath.

the play set is new to me, but the little house was actually a donkey barn in the 1800's. there are little doors along the back that slide up so you can put the feed in!

There's even my Dad's gazebo!

You may absolutely love it, but I guarantee I love it more!

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