Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Big One. The Lititz Craft Show.

This morning Mimi and I headed out early to Lititz, to visit with the ten relatives staying at my Mom and Dad's house. The occasion: The Lititz Craft Show (AKA: The Big One.)It was a second family reunion at the house. With coffee brewing, and bagels and muffins spread on the counter the house seemed to have turned into a bit of a B&B too, with drop offs to the show occurring every 20 minutes or so.
I must say, having lived on Broad Street in Lititz (in my own apartment for four and a half years -during my twenties), I have no idea how I had missed this. Perhaps I was always traveling that weekend or something. (oh the days!) It was my first time seeing this show, and the crowds were quite impressive. At one point in the park, I got a little faint of heart! but I trudged on:)

I ran around looking to photograph my most favorite vendors. And this is the big one that caught my eye. As I toured the show, this booth just stayed in my memory, and I hardly took any more pics~! Koodos to the Duprees from Moncure, North Carolina for recycling the coke bottles, etc.

ahhh, I saw Rachel's traveling food truck- always a pleasant sight! (Rachel's downtown location is across the street from the My Aunt Debbie shop).

on Main Street.

yes, it's the big one. you can tell by the crowds. look straight down the street behind the chickens...that's all people. A road of pedestrians!

Mimi and I walked home to my Mom and Dad's- and will head back for a cookout this evening.
Lititz is very pretty in the summertime.

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