Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday windows

...there was a gorgeous dusting of snow late this afternoon. I finished off another batch of dark red Christmas party hair clips, and delivered them to the My Aunt Debbie Shop early this evening. (rather funny, as I just dyed and dried the wool for them last night- how's that for a turnaround time?!)

here's Max in our window at home, right before I dropped them off at the shop downtown...

They are selling out if you'd like one of these pop on in soon.
These are extra special as they have sequins!
Alicia and Debbie did an amazing job creating the windows this year. They just glistened in the new falling snow...

With the baby asleep at home being minded by Max and Daddy, I was able to wander around the store a bit.

Put me in the holiday mood for sure:-)

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