Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa was here...

Max got a Lotso. (his dream came true!)

For little Mimi, from left to right:
a frenchy baby shirt from Target, a Parisian rooster dolly, (her Corolle dolly,
2 mini brooches, a Lumpkin and baby tights.

Santa also sent lots of other gifts by way of family and friends. He even brought uncles, aunts, and cousins to play with, and who we've spent the last five days with...

(we're very tired now...took little Mimi lots of places, and Max wrestled with his cousin Jake...every day.)

We survived a sort of scary hit of snow- bringing the cousins here sooner than expected, and left Momma clenching the steering wheel one night, with two kids in the car. here's the beginning of the little storm we had..

As a group of 13, we hit El Rodeo (they gave us the special function room!!!), the movies (Max went twice, Mimi once!), Isaac's, That Fish Place, Central Market, the Marriott, Britain's Best...

and last but not least, Mimi has a soon-to-be-Godmother, her cousin Abby! :)

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