Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Week

Mimi has started to shoot us the most wonderful grins, with her eyes beaming too:-) She weighed 9.5 lbs today at a check-up.

My favorite booth at Holiday City Arts Market...Mom and daughter, Sherry and Hollie Chantiles. Sherry makes these...

and Hollie is an illustrator and makes these sweet little pins...(check out the amazing card behind the mossy rocks..-had to buy a couple of those. I want to mail them, but also want to frame them...)
(Mimi is getting the light blue heart for Christmas in her stocking:-) ) they are sized so perfectly for a little one to wear.

On the home front, i've been cleaning and organizing as I get ready for Christmas.
I found an IKEA book shelf, unopened, un-built in our guestroom closet (thanks honey!). built it for Max, then scrounged the house and emptied out all the little bookshelves, and put all his books into this one. so happy with that. his books look great and he's reading more..but the bookshelf has made his room smell like the IKEA store and now I want to make cinnamon rolls!

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