Monday, December 13, 2010


This past month I've realized how grateful I am for the sense of community I have in Lancaster. Mimi has made me realize that we have become part of the fabric of our community- over the weeks, months and years, through art events, and the cooperative school, jobs, and everything else!

As people brought us meals, and gave us baby clothes, and added me as friends on their facebook pages...I've realized that so many of the people in my artist circle, are also friends with my friends at the cooperative school, and those friends are friends of my neighbor friends, and so on. One day we went to school, and Mimi was wearing a baby cardi of Natalie's (now age 5) and Natalie's brother (age 6 months) was in turn wearing a favorite shirt from Max. At Eastern Market this year again, so many faces I recognized stopped by my booth to chat with me. Mimi was introduced to local artist Mimi Shapiro, who said her name is a happy one, and everyone smiled at Mimi, peeking into the stroller at my sleepy new addition.
At the show, I looked to my left, and there were the folk art chairs i painted with the neighborhood kids a few years ago on two hot artist Saturdays in the summertime. I had completely forgotten about all the visitors to market that signed a tomato...or the kids who went to town with paint on the Let's Meet at Eastern Market chair. Lancaster has been a neat place for us to be during the last few years. and I'm so fortunate to be able to give Mimi that calm, comfortable sense of real community. and in an artistic city too!

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