Monday, February 23, 2009

Look what I ordered!

oh what a tiny little picture! this is felt scraps from Etsy's AtomicBlue! I am using them on my new cabinet doors and magnets to create little felted houses with.
These are her scraps, they are just beautiful.
still can't tell the news.....and it's REALLY good!
in other news, I am freecycling/craiglisting things in my house and fixing up Max's basement playroom. It currently looks dreary and dreadful and packed full of toys and I'm slicking it out, and making it look more focused. I have a big list of items I need, many I need from IKEA, but I was clever and resourceful and I'm using paint I had, the existing curtains, etc.
I am dissing any "kid" oriented storage solutions and I'm going hardcore and buying metal stainless steel shelving.
I'm thinking of putting toys in clear laundry baskets that have dots cut out on them, putting all the games in a large storage unit, and putting the TV on an IKEA red PS unit...coolness for years to come, and nice and tidy and slick:-)

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The Hatdiva said...

ooooh! You've been blogging about me! (aka I've been kind of depressed the last two days, and this perked me up ;) thanks.