Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Girl

I finished EVERYTHING up for the new Lancaster Yarn Shop location, everything is priced, inventoried, and wrapped up all nice, and everything except the knitting furniture is in a big bin.
Little Junior is asleep, and I am off to paint the basement wall now! I know that sounds insane, but when I have a lot of art to paint, I miss making cool changes to the house. My craigslisting and freecycling tangent continues and the emptier the basement looks the better it gets.
It reminds me of when we first moved in, and nothing was on the 50's rec room side, so I would go down there and ROLLER SKATE!
Space is luxurious, that's for sure.

Get your own cool Warholizer collage for free at
(thank you Sayra for posting this on your blog, it was fun!)

this is completely random, but I am stopping in at the Prince Street yarn shop, it seems weekly now. here I am with my birdie bag. I had it for sale on my etsy shop. I found it for 75cents! it's really neat. Rachel-Marie flipped when she saw it. It was worth every penny!!! Banana Republic sweater, part cashmere, 75 cents, JCrew cordoroys, a whopping $3. We have quite the thrift stores here is Lancaster)
(this is Rachel-Marie's pic)

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