Sunday, February 15, 2009

Max's new IKEA bunkbed

courtesy of Molly Gallagher on Freecycle. her an I disassembled it and I put it together, by myself later that night. I'm so proud. it's really really cool. like a fort~!
Molly is really cool too. check out her blogs:
her crochet blog

and her and her sister's home renovation/move to Lancaster blog:

it's neat, because of freecycle I got a cool bed for Max and friend!:-)


Melissa said...

Congrats on the new bed! Ah, the days of bunk beds. How fun!

I found your blog through a series of clicks....I began with Ann Kimmich (sp?) - then to Lancaster Indie Arts - then to your etsy shop and now I'm here.

I live in Quarryville. I moved here a year and half ago. I'd love to get more involved in all the art stuff going on in Lancaster. I just haven't been brave enough yet. ;)

BTW, I saw mention of a Faerie Festival on the side of your blog. Where is that at? I'd love to check it out.


Goin' Dutch said...

Maggie -- it looks AWESOME ! ! ! Max is such a lucky little man to have such a cool room and a fantastic mom :o)

It was splendiferous to meet you. I am looking forward to hanging out with you soon and getting crafty. And I'm sure we could do a playdate, too :o)

Take care