Wednesday, February 4, 2009

super busy...

well things have been so busy around here! I sold the Central Market chair, so that was a lot of picking up at the Hotel Brunswick and dropping off to the owner.
Then I picked up my things (incl. 2 more chairs) at Building Character, and brought them to the State of the Art Gallery and Framery in East Petersburg.
I've also been getting the pieces I made ready for the show at Square One Coffee for Friday, and making lots of SUPER cool things for the Lancaster Yarn Shop.
Here's a pretty picture from Saturday afternoon. I picked up those little gnomes at State of the Art, made by Maggie Mowery.
Things will slow down a little tiny bit after Friday's show. The winter is going by so fast!

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Magdalen said...

My gnomes look happy nestled in with your other things!
Be well,