Friday, February 20, 2009


Where have I been? Well, I've been home, painting and painting for the greatest opportunity I've had in a long long time. but I can't explain it yet!!! it's a secret!!!
doesn't that just drive you nuts?
I should be able to post photos soon, and will definately be able to explain myself in about a week.
It's been an odd month for my friends and I here, kind of a nervous calm before the storm.
in the meantime, here's a pic taken by Max...before he dropped the camera:-(

Tomorrow Megan and Molly are coming over. The Gallagher sisters with their sweet boy, who Max will love to play with. I will be donning my paint covered apron when they leave, and might even head to Lowes.

I'm feeling good and thinking about buying a pair of red cowboy boots this spring. that's all my news...for now!

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Pretty_Bamboo said...

Exciting...can't wait to hear the good news!!!